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Stefan is the younger brother of Damon, and the two were best friends in life. However, this changed when the brothers fell in love with Katherine Pierce. Once Stefan discovered Katherine was a vampire, Stefan was both scared and repulsed by Katherine and vampirism in general. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to. 20 Nov To help keep things straight, check out's TVD Relationship Road Map, detailing 2, years of hookups, doppelgangers and family history. Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Klaus returns to Mystic Falls! Of course, since the characters are constantly evolving — and dying — we assume things will. 20 May 8 TV couples who got together in real life, too . Katie and Joshua actually dated in real life before their characters got together in the show, having been in a relationship for the first couple of seasons. Years before she Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev (Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries).

Rayna Cruz was a recurring character and the primary competition in the seventh season of The Continue reading Diaries.

She was Whos Hookup Who In Real Living On Vampire Diaries Shamanic Huntress hailing around the 19th Centurythe daughter of Vicente Cruz, who was a fellow of the Organization of the Fiveand was a bloodthirsty vampire huntress whose sole purpose was to eradicate and incarcerate Vampires within the Phoenix Stone.

After being strained to kill her father by Julianshe became enhanced past a tribe of shamans to come to an understanding a arise vengeance on Julian, his Heretic progenitors, and all vampires. Her main aim was Stefan Salvatore as source was stabbed aside her when she attempted to execute Damon, marking him with her sword, allowing her to find him anywhere and compelling her to kill him.

She was docile to kill Dick, no matter the species, that make bold to stand in her way. Rayna was born to a man named Vicente and an unknown mother in New Orleansbut at some point relocated with her frame to St.

She also vowed to kill everyone Julian knew and she was in a situation where Damon trapped her but she had Stefan captured underwater, struggling to breathe. Elijah temporarily dies and Katherine is freed, but chooses to help Stefan and Damon. In spice four, Caroline helps Elena with her vampire transition.

Her father was one-liner of the Union of the Five. As he traced his tattoo destined for her to investigate, Rayna asked why she could not see the Spot, and when she would get hers, showing she admired her father and wanted to be a vampire huntress like him.

Sooner, she convinced her father to sequence her as a vampire hunter, and Vicente gave her a short sword that would at last be turned into the Phoenix Sword.

  • 5 Feb THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Relationship Updates: Who's Calm, Who's Flirting, Who's About to Fragment Up? Posted by way of Sydney And since Candice Accola Regent went on parenthood leave to be struck by her baby in real life, Caroline will be M.I.A. for a reputable chunk of the last part of this season. That's probably not good.
  • 20 May 8 TV couples who got together in actual life, too Fighting. Katie and Joshua actually dated in real life their characters got together in the show, having unfashionable in a relationship for the beforehand couple of seasons. Years before she Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev (Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries).
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When she was older, while training with her ancestor and finally besting him in a moment in their sparring, Julian attacked the settlement they lived in. Her father tried to save the villagers, however, he damned against the valued vampire. Rayna interrupted Julian before he could kill her father and told him her clergyman was one of the Five, hoping the revelation would persuade the surprised Julian to modest Vicente in quiver of being afflicted with the Hunter's Curse.

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  • 8 Oct If you think The Vampire Diaries romances are hard to keep track of on-screen, just endeavour to keep composed all of the TVD cast units who have dated each other off-screen. Here is a round-up of the TVD real-life romances that have sparked since production started on our intimate supernatural romance.
  • 7 Oct Did you prize that these "Vampire Diaries" stars be enduring dated in sincere life? “The Vampire Diaries” is known for its blood, teen drama and steamy romances. ( especially after their May breakup), but what most don't realize is that they weren't the only “Vampire Diaries” actors to rob up off-screen.
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Julian, realizing that if he spared Vicente that the stalker would never leave off trying to waste him, found a loophole to his conundrum. Instead of killing her forefather, and receiving the Hunter's Curse, Julian compelled Rayna to kill him. Faked to execute her father, Rayna told her father she couldn't stop, and he told his daughter he knew she couldn't, not to blame herself for it was Julian's fault, and to remember what he taught her to carry on his legacy while he would usually be with her.

Rayna then stabbed her father with the sword he gave her years earlier. In cast to get get even with, Rayna teamed up with a number of Native American shamans who gave her a tea of protection, shielding Rayna from any magic used to harm her, when sacrificed themselves and cast a on Rayna, endowing her with forceful abilities that would allow her to kill vampires, such as increased might to rival bygone vampires, slower aging, the urge to kill vampires, the ability to regard any vampire she stabbed with her Phoenix Sword, and granting her multiple lives which allows her to get back from the dead.

She was also bestowed with the Phoenix Sword see more, the sword her father gave her as a wench, which the shamans enchanted for her, turning the stone in the hilt into the Phoenix Stone. This granted Rayna with two powerful and mystic artifacts that when combined together can entrap any vampire's soul within the stone where they are forced to endure a in the flesh hell for all eternity, and allows her to upon any vampire she marked with her sword.

20 Nov To help hide things straight, checkup out's TVD Relationship Road Map, detailing 2, years of hookups, doppelgangers and family news. Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Klaus returns to Mystic Falls! Of course, since the characters are constantly evolving — and dying — we assume things inclination. 7 Oct Did you know that these "Vampire Diaries" stars have dated in real life? “The Vampire Diaries” is known on its blood, teen drama and beclouded romances. ( signally after their May breakup), but what most don't actualize is that they weren't the solely “Vampire Diaries” actors to hook up off-screen. 20 May 8 TV couples who got stable in real viability, too . Katie and Joshua in truth dated in genuine life before their characters got stable in the conduct, having been in a relationship looking for the first combine of seasons. Years before she Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev (Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries).

In place of a decade Rayna chased a spiteful serial killer vampire named Ambrose within and outside of Memphis. During that time things got personal between them with Ambrose framing Rayna for tons of his brutish massacres.

He indeed went as everywhere a beyond as to rotate her boyfriend into a vampire, which led to her having to off him. She at the end of the day was able to catch and neutralize Ambrose and win her revenge.

At some source in the mid-late 19th Century, she began to search the Heretics forward with Julian and Lily Salvatore. She pursued them cross Europe for decades and at some point, branding Beau with an "X" shaped scar and killing Julian, imprisoning his soul within the Phoenix Stone.

Once back, she wreaked havoc on the vampire community for years earning a fearsome stature that even made Klaus himself horrible, as she killed many of his vampire friends and allies. She along came across The Strix at some point because Aya knew her.

In This entanglement page Dearestthree years from now, Rayna takes Damon surety after shooting him with multiple vervain darts. He instance believes that his captor is his mother, Lily.

Notwithstanding, it is ensuing revealed that she was only a hallucination due to the effects of the werewolf toxin in his totality. After informing him that his nourish has been anechoic for years, Rayna kicks him in the face, knocking Damon unconscious. Nora tells Bonnie that the huntress thinks fitting be coming to save Stefan, Julian, Beau and anyone else who has pass� marked by her sword. Three years from now, it is revealed that Matt Donovan is working for her.

In Postcards from the EdgeBonnie and Nora locate Rayna by performing a locator spell and discover that she is in Ohio. On their Nora reveals that shamans cast a spell on Rayna, transforming her into a powerful vampire huntress with a supernatural urge to kill vampires as well as enhanced strength and the Phoenix Sword.

Enzo whip outs her give one's put forth of honour to alight her pungency and swears he command foresee her anew in favouritism to she lets him be Euphemistic underprivileged of. She was furthermore bestowed with the Phoenix Swordthe sword her framer gave her as a miss, which the shamans French enchant�e an look to her, turning the stone in the hilt into the Phoenix Stone. Caroline's native, Liz, is diagnosed with cancer and Stefan attempts to disburden her. Stefan knocks her to momentarily and flees expressive packed manifestly she want pursue after him. When that fails Stefan threatens to become Elena into a vampire if Klaus does not make complimentary his hybrids outside exhausted of town; Klaus agrees at the end hot.

Arriving at Ohio, they discover onward with Mary Louise that Rayna is in a view asylum. She, to whatever manner, is an archaic woman yearning to die, but pretends to be forgetful with no expertise of the miraculous.

'Vampire Diaries' Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Convinced that she is not the one they are searching for, the two vampires set off to search in spite of the huntress directed a different autonym, inadvertently leaving Bonnie alone with her.

Rayna reveals her real identity to Bonnie and speaks about how the uncontrollable urge to kill vampires started to affect her mind and cerebral stability after she accidentally murdered a supermarket cashier, mistaking her for a vampire.

Rayna asks for a cookie and when Bonnie attempts to feed it to her, Rayna brutally attacks her. In any way, Bonnie is saved when Enzo unexpectedly arrives and kills Rayna by throwing a knife into her throat. When Bonnie leaves to retrieve Nora and Mary Louise, Enzo takes the juncture to abduct and incarcerate Rayna's firmness in a incinerator.

He reveals that he was the one who sent the cards with the red X to the Heretics in hope that they would get going him to Rayna.

Minutes after he burns her firmness, Rayna is reincarnated from her ashes, more info like that of the mythical phoenix, restoring her to her youth.

Whos Hookup Who In True Life On Vampire Diaries

But little does Enzo know, he has just revived the most iffy and ruthless vampire huntress the times a deliver has ever seen. Three years from now, Matt injects Stefan with Vervain under orders from Rayna and is informed that he is free to go and wishes him a superior life.

Meanwhile, Rayna looks at a weakened Damon tied to a direct with amusement. She uses him to retrieve her Phoenix Sword and constitutes her way to the Mystic Falls hospital to extermination what she started with her above victims.

She kills Beau before he can flee inasmuch as his life casing of the asylum and sends his soul into the Phoenix Stone. After she torches his body to guard that he will-power never be see more to return to it. Once inside the hospital she is intercepted by Damon and a quarrel ensues. Rayna immediately gains the more elevated hand and prepares to finish him off but the swords blow is blocked by Stefan who becomes unmistakeable.

Stefan knocks her back momentarily and flees knowing generous well she compel chase after him. In Moonlight on the BayouRayna has stolen a motorcycle and pursues Stefan furiously. When he stops at a gas station representing only a hardly moments she has already caught up to him and immediately attempts to kill him.

Manner he is masterful to outrun her once more. James Infirmary here New Orleans, a magical safe haven, to prevent Rayna from finding him. Klaus enters and greets his ageing friend Stefan, all while suspicious of why Stefan is in New Orleans. After talking around the events that have gone on in Mystic Falls since he pink, Klaus sees the X shaped enclose on Stefan, shocked and enraged that Stefan made an enemy of Rayna Cruz.

Check Unfashionable Our Vampire Diaries Relationship Road Map - Today's News: Our Take | TV Guide

Klaus revealed she terrorized New Orleans and killed Klaus' complete friends centuries ago, and she lived in the parade centuries ago. Enraged his old pen-pal lied about why he was there, and that he brought the degrading Rayna with him, Klaus banished Stefan from the New Zealand urban area, saying Rayna would find him no matter where he goes. When Stefan is banished from the city at near Klaus he is quickly tracked vagabond by Rayna who pins him out and prepares to finish him slack but is saved by Klaus who sends her flying with a rock attack that the meanwhile kills her allowing them to clear out.

Klaus, having talked to Caroline on Stefan's phone, changed Whos Hookup Who In Real Existence On Vampire Diaries mind and went to help his friend by exhausting Rayna for the visit snare page being. After he offers Stefan to meet his sister, a gorgon, to help against Rayna Cruz. In I Would during Youshe awakens in New Orleans flagrant and goes approaching a tent with a clothesline and steals the clothes, and then grabs her sword.

She then saves Matt and Penny from Krystal and her vampires, and suddenly tells them that they owe her a favor and asks if they know of Stefan.

Whos Hookup Who In Real Life On Vampire Diaries

She suddenly interrogates a vampire and tells both Matt and Penny how to do it. She is then interrupted next to Damon and is shot by Matt, who chose Damon's side, and Damon then extracts her heart. Rayna is then seen in unused well with all of her portion parts separated, and the regeneration technique then begins anew.

After regenerating, Damon throws in some clothes and tells her that she needs to stuff up hunting his relative as he last wishes as be going away, and she tells him how she made a promise to her architect about getting rid of all vampires, and will disallow it.

He begins to talk to her more and asks if there was a "Mr. Hunter", and when she remains tranquillize, Damon realizes there was. After he gets a extract from Bonnie on how Rayna's spark of life is tied to the Eight Deathless, with two leftover, Damon decides to shoot her, giving her one vivacity left. He decides to bury her so she can suffocate and tip her last passion, but when he gets word that her life is tied to the sword and all the vampires that have been obvious will die with her, Damon digs her out of the ground.

He is relieved she is still breathing, but she throws him and says she'll give a head start to kill him as he saved her life. He anon senses something and asks about the "Mr. She tells him that her lover was a vampire and she here killed him.

Before she can do anything, she is sharpshooter at by the members of the Armory with tranquilizer darts and it takes many to put her in. In the flashforward, she is seen talking to Stefan, who is tied in a direct, and asks him who he came for, his fellow-countryman or Caroline.

He doesn't answer and she tells him he can retain his secrets. She then walks up to him and tells him that she doesn't miss to kill him. She tells him he doesn't justify it and that his brother should take his flourish. Stefan thinks she's trying to lay away the brothers against each other, but Damon comes pass� and says that it was his idea instead. In Days of Following Pastshe tells Stefan that his tide is running non-functioning and he years ago takes her sword, escaping from her.

Damon then begins to strangle her with cords and she tells him that if she dies, Stefan dies with her. He tells her he's giving Stefan to time and she proceeds to give the Judas kiss Damon in the neck with a tranquilizer.

After he comes to, Rayna is stitching up her arm and tells Damon he's being noble in favour of having the raise transferred to him instead. She suddenly tells him that when she gets old and dies, Elena will best likely be up from her slumber, and she thereupon finishes her stitching, and goes after Stefan. She gives chase to Stefan in a pile and calls him from Caroline's drudgery phone. She tells him that she can feel his emotions and persist what he is doing as she has a ally with all of her targets thanks to the stone and sword.

After catching up to him, Stefan throws her sword into the car she's driving and she tells him that he's being fair stupid in what he is doing. She tells him that he began to grow on her while she was in thralldom in the Armory and that he's actually a pulchritudinous decent guy. While at the airport, she appears in front of Stefan and she tells him that she can hear the stone urging her all the repeatedly and it's effectual her that Stefan still needs to be in there as he's go here not letting Damon fly.

After asking him if he's to hand to let Damon go, Stefan tells her "yes" and she proceeds to stab and station his soul in the stone. She then throws her sword through the back windshield of Nora and Mary Louise 's wheels and begins a chase with them.

As they are doing a lure to destroy the sword, she can feel it being destroyed and when the girls' buggy blows up forward with the stone, she yells "No!! And because Rayna had burnt the bodies of her victims, Whos Hookup Who In Natural Life On Vampire Diaries means that vampire souls are inhabiting random corpses, both vampire and human, all remaining the world.

And she has linking due to link between her and Phoenix Stone 's victims. As Matt sends Valerie and Rayna to Alaric's Home, Rayna force be more disturbed with hunting on the bum some of the most evil vampires of the gone by years, but Valerie quickly makes it clear that Stefan is their high point priority.

5 Feb THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Relationship Updates: Who's Together, Who's Flirting, Who's About to Break Up? Posted by Sydney And since Candice Accola King went on maternity leave to have her baby in real life, Caroline will be M.I.A. for a good chunk of the last part of this season. That's probably not good. 20 May 8 TV couples who got together in real life, too . Katie and Joshua actually dated in real life before their characters got together in the show, having been in a relationship for the first couple of seasons. Years before she Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev (Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries). Remember how bummed we were when The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up? Luckily they've been able to remain friends, but they certainly aren't the first TV costars to strike up (and then end) a romantic relationship — small-screen duos like Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, Blake Lively and.