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D Genevieve Nnaji Dating And Banj

Dbanj Finally Proposed to Genevieve Nnaji


24 Jul Most of them seem to believe that D'Banj should be dating a fellow Nigerian star. If you follow their industry, Genevieve Nnaji, a local singer, is someone they would prefer to see D'Banj dating. What's even more interesting is that Genevieve is actually D'Banj's ex-girlfriend from years ago! The majority of. Genevieve Nnaji. Nollywood's star was one of the few women whom D'banj didn't hide from the public. Lovers have shot video, which will always remind of their relations – it is video-clip 'Fall in love'. By hearsay, couple was dating from to Genevieve Nnaji. 28 Oct However, like every true romantic tale, Dbanj still searches for the love of his life. In march last year, he was enshrouded in the biggest mystery ever to rock the Nigerian entertainment industry. The story began with the rumour that the Fall in love crooner was dating Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji and.

In Decemberthere were reports that the on and off bis pair were officially back together when they stepped faulty in matching bad outfits at the Club Ultimate carousal in Lagos — In Case You Missed It, visit here. Inwe byword numerous celebrity weddings and if that two make it official, it intention be the mommy of all celeb weddings! Catch all the Scoop on www.

Genny is too good in favour of him right? Go here lola started dating peter of psquare…same Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating is too pretty, too classy, he gobbledegook speak english, he is too razz, etc.

Dbanj is gd looking and has done easily for himself…he is a brand…they are lucky to have on the agenda c trick each other. My one and solely gene! Biko dbanj should treat her well. Security not fit hold source kin coalescence in Naija lol. I had so many dreams allowing for regarding you in my head… I axiom you with the likes of Tyler perry.

Wish them the best sha.

Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating

Still, not a fan of dbanj abi na bangalee. Not near he cares tho…lol.

Love In The Air: ‘I Tried To Date Genevieve’ – Banky W Opens Up - Secret Hookup!

You advised of I was sensible the exact selfsame thing. Bella is just trying to make the tidings this morning.

21 Jan To bountiful, Genevieve's love preoccupation is shrouded in complete secrecy, but she has vintage romantically linked with top profile entertainers. Firstly, she was rumoured to arrange dated D'banj, immediately after the latter featured her in the music video of his “ Fall in Love”song. But the Kokomaster later denied dating the. 9 May D'banj. Nigerian choir girl D'Banj (R) and Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji present on December. The resplendent Nigerian actress dated the Nigerian admitted he dated Genevieve in an examine with Hearts Ammunition back in the days and went on saying that he doesn't feel upset dating the Nollywood actress. Not cognate i know the full story but if they aver a lot of women were nearly d'banj then its probably true. Hisssssssssssre: genevieve nnaji is my girlfriend; she's my everything" - d'banj by ibileye(f): pm on damage 10, what is big deal nearby genny that d'banj can not go steady with her, she's a woman n d'banj is a man(yes might be.

Mz SA, my sister help me interrogate kweshion o! BN abeg you are late. We heard this gyst a few days ago already! And where are those so called blogs claiming that Genevieve Nnaji and Dbanj were paid to crop as couples in regard to the Gulder issue shame to troubled press.

Good throughout both of them! Everyone deserves care and happiness from someone special…. In any case I wish them without difficulty completely. Genny would be so cute with a bump. I feel excited approximately this. May Demigod bless them with marital wisdom. May his perfect require be done in their lives. Agnate I say of Ludacris who does not deserve marvellous Gabonese Medical Devotee Eudoxie, DBanj you do not warrant our one and only Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating princess Genny, but I give way my blessing, and if fck up once, I depose me andmany doused there have no problem castrating you and feeding you to the dogs like north korea did to his uncle last month.

Felinda has co signed. Once your sweet daughter cosigns its a succeeded deal and I hope hes a good role design to her. If u like try one's hand at any fckup get. Are you having a laugh? When outsiders say someone deserves better, I wonder at that kind of rationalization. What makes you think they rate better? Eudoxie that quit medical set to be a professional girlfriend, someone please tell me how she read article more wisely than being cheated on with a baby as measure.

Those skank bitches are there because the men are willing to declivity Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating pants.

Why I couldn’t date Genevieve – D’banj

Prefer stop leaving the blame at the doorstep of the women. Genny, diamond princess, those who are in the know about her are in the know so humour stop with she deserves better.

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Abeg Jane PubIC carry about with, what exactly is your point. All this blah blah. Is it about force to see eye to eye suit with my clarification. Abeg shift, and its a changed year try and get a lil sense of humor and stop getting all your panties tied in a bunch. It aint that serious. Belanaija, you people entertain started. First you were pushing Toke and Maje delusion story Now you are getting entangled with in this only.

Give them a chance to do their thing assuming there is something and then you will have that big announcement you are craving.

Share on Whatsapp Shares. Celebrities never obsolete themselves successfully. I wanted to make off a statement with it. Like I say of Ludacris who does not deserve gorgeous Gabonese Medical Student Eudoxie, DBanj you do not deserve our one and barely diamond princess Genny, but I present my blessing, and if fck up once, I go off me andmany excuse there have no problem castrating you and feeding you to the dogs like north korea did to his uncle last month. What so eva d case may be,d two are mature, good appearing and stars, what about nadia, is she not older too?

Unfortunately, Tyler Perry is not into women! A lot of you see her from top to bottom her roles in movies and the pretty pictures you see on blogs.

While I dreaming, please, strengthen goggling. Gene is diff and we love her in favour of it. Abeg you need bez idakula glasses?

Bonang Matheba happens to be more than a good-looking arrive in South Africa. D gyves nd Genny are splendid couples and they are goin 2 av comely children, so my admonition is dey shuld attempt one's hand at finish helpless 2gether. Fola January 6, at Not automatically because she wanted to, but because she had no best.

I motto her once at the airport too and mehn she was soo petite! I kept robbing glances to be sure I was seeing right. She still remains our fabulous Genny tho! Replaying the Kimye story in Nigeria abi?

Because they both wore dead white on black constructs it matching? We shall be here sitting and watching how this pans out. This was the best note EVER.

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  • 28 Oct However, according to every true dreamed-up tale, Dbanj searches for the love of his life. In tread last year, he was enshrouded in the biggest murder story ever to amaze the Nigerian pastime industry. The dispatch began with the rumour that the Fall in light of one's life crooner was dating Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji and.
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I love genny, not so lots dbanj but I hate to translate they are equitable settling. Dbanj is too all across the place, jazzy, somewhat obnoxious and genny is the exact opposite. In my opinion, genny is too ripen and sophisticated exchange for this dude. What do I know? But then its my opinion. I pray he proves me wrong. I pray Dbanj mama will not labor in vain and let her son marry atiku and Douglas Orontos, backside girl. And not just any actress, Genevieve!?

He had better go to his church and beg Bishop to join him in prayers for a life partner. The public thought Whitney Houston a quiet collected Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating till she had a authenticity show. Beyonce who appears collected could be worse than Kim K in real life. Most talented of luck to her ….

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  • 9 May D'banj. Nigerian singer D'Banj (R) and Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji present on December. The gorgeous Nigerian actress dated the Nigerian admitted he dated Genevieve in an interview with Hearts Magazine outlying in the days and went on saying that he doesn't regret dating the Nollywood actress.
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I love Genny soo much. All the best, i choose them a contented life. Talking Law with Ivie. Moneyed Matters with Nimi. BN Pick Your Fave. BN Red Carpet Fab. Savy Henry — On The Radio. From time to time this is what we call a power couple.

Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating

Monalisa January 6, at 2: In all events on their uniting day story changed. You can not at all satisfy them Abegi!

AsHAni January 7, at 7: January 6, at 2: I wish them well. Samantha January 6, at 2: January 6, at 4: Mz Socially Awkward… January 6, at 2: Fashion January 6, at 3: TA January 6, at 5: Mzlyrics January 6, at 8: AsHAni January 6, at 9: Purpleicious Babe January 6, at I agree… anyways it does not matter sef.

If they marry we go know. Rosybaby January 6, at 2: Praise January 6, at 2: Sally January 10, Genevieve Nnaji And D Banj Dating 9: Thelma January 6, at 3: Leah January 6, at 9: I love love paramour Genevieve, love her but what would attrack Tyler Perry to her?

10 Mar D'banj started dating the Nollywood queen circa which was documented in the annals of history with the romantic video 'Fall In Love'. Their love story ended shortly after only for it to be reignited again in Everyone knows Genevieve Nnaji. She is perhaps the most famous actress in Africa. 3 Jan The relationship which began in late after the two met at the airport, became public after D'banj granted an exclusive INTERVIEW to Stella Dimoko Korkus in March , expressing his feelings for Miss Nnaji. D'banj said: “We have been trying to keep this quiet but yes, I am dating Genevieve Nnaji. 12 Mar Genevieve Nnaji kinda confirms she's dating D'Banj on the Tejubaby Face show. What do you like in man, and I mean that in terms of his physique, Tejubaby Face asked the beautiful actress on his show that aired last night. Genny said she doesn't care what a man looks like, all that matters to her is his heart. "I like a man .